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A little about Mångata Travel and me, Beth Hill, your personal travel specialist! I’m a world travel enthusiast myself so often I have visited the very places I’m booking for my clients – and that list continues to grow.

How Can I Help You?
With years of experience and global networking capabilities, I will customize your family vacation, honeymoon or anniversary trip, girlfriend getaway, solo trip, business trip, luxury trip, destination wedding, family reunion, or any other adventure you can imagine! Yes, I’ve planned them all and finding *just the right adventure to fit your needs* is my passion.

Building Relationships
What are your interests? What is on your bucket list? Where have you always wanted to explore? Do you want to relax or have an adventure? Are there particular airlines or hotels you prefer?

I will take the time to get to know you; to build a relationship with you so that together, you can get to the destination of your dreams.

The Classics
Experience variety in a classic destination. Certain destinations have simply become tried-and-true classics. If you are looking to enjoy a classic trip with a new point of view, I can help with my extensive knowledge and first-hand experience with travel and custom excursions.

Detail Oriented
Historically, travelers hundreds of years ago relied on the moon for direction and guidance. You can rely on Mångata Travel as your personal guide. I will develop a clear and easy itinerary to follow. Every detail will be taken into consideration; times and reservations, tours, dining, entertainment, and much more, allowing you to skip the worry and simply enjoy your trip.

Experience and Connections
I have the value of experience having been to 70 countries personally. Using the services of a travel consultant means you get the experience and customer service you deserve. You won’t be spending hours on the internet, hanging on hold for eternity or awaiting callbacks or wasting any precious time wondering and worrying. I have developed many crucial relationships in the travel industry over the decades, all over the world, so I know exactly who to speak to in order to make special requests for my clientele. This could mean things like connecting rooms, welcome gifts or advanced restaurant reservations. These relationships have proved priceless!

Learn more about how Mångata Travel helps our clients & can customize your travel: FAQ’s.

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I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list. –Susan Sontag