Snow. Ice. Water. Rock.
Antarctica is simply stunning. The wildlife is vast and beautiful, and being on land amidst the penguins and seals is a must! I have listed my favorite experiences, dining tips, and recommendations.

Favorite Experiences

Having a snowball fight in Desolation Point, Antarctica is a memory I’ll cherish. Being on a ship that allowed for hiking and on-land exploring made this possible.

Forming friendships with fellow passengers from all over the world. There is plenty of down time on an Antarctica cruise and you’ll be elbow to elbow with your cruise mates for at least 10 to 12 days. Our ship, the Explorer with G Adventures, catered to an international well-traveled crowd. The diversity contributed to a wonderful environment.

Spending a few days prior to embarkation in the Port of Ushuaia, Argentina was a must-do. It’s a beautiful little town with much to do and explore. Los Cauquenes Resort and Spa is a destination unto itself.

Receiving a postcard I mailed to myself from the British Study Station. Having that Antarctica postmark in my mailbox was pretty cool.

My Tips

Consider renting winter gear at the port prior to boarding your ship.  You’ll want top of the line equipment for a once-in-a-lifetime trip and may not want to invest in clothing you won’t use again. Prices are very reasonable and there are many package options available.

Take lots of memory cards and batteries.  The cold air drains battery power quickly and there aren’t any retail options on most ships.

Look for an itinerary that allows you to get off the ship and step onto land.  Believe it or not, not all ships allows this.  The wildlife is vast and beautiful, and being on land amidst the penguins and seals is a must in my opinion.

Attend the numerous lectures onboard.  While the subjects may sound rather dry, at the end of the trip you’ll be proud that you can recognize each type of penguin and seal.

Bring several sea-sickness options, not just one.  I relied on Dramamine which unfortunately put me to sleep.  Others had success with the wristbands while some swore by the patch behind the ear.



Antarctica ships can’t stock up on food at sea so be prepared for a limited menu, especially toward the cruise’s end.

Don’t miss the hot chocolate at one of Ushuaia’s many cafes.  It’s made by immersing a full-size chocolate bar into a cup of hot milk. Incredible!

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