How to Pack Light for an International Trip

Traveling internationally does not have to mean a big checked suitcase. As someone who travels internationally often, I’m a fan of carry-on luggage and often get asked how I do it. I just returned from a quick 4-day trip to Barcelona and thought I’d share my packing list. Plus, pics from my amazing trip with my 18-year-old son are below. Enjoy!

Carry-on suitcase:
2 Pants, 2 skorts, 1 skirt and 1 pair of shorts
4 solid t-shirts
2 long-sleeve shirts
Walking shoes (I’m wearing these)
Running shoes
Running shorts, shirt and socks
Undergarments and 1 pair of pjs
3 scarves
Baseball cap
Adaptor and converter

Small backpack:
Bose noise canceling headphones
Travel pillow
Travel blanket
i-Pad mini loaded with plane reading and travel books
Two good pens
Passport, 3 credit cards, and cash
USB cord
Fuzzy socks

Interested in an international get-away? Let’s talk!

Camp Nou home team bench. What a thrill!

Camp Nou press room.

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