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Do you have a Pinterest page full of places you would like to travel?

I’d like to help get you there. My relationships with the finest travel companies provide my clientele with exclusive amenities, rare experiences, and privileged access built especially for you!


What will you do?

  • Swim with the crocodiles in Australia’s cage of death
  • Lounge on a secluded beach in the Caribbean
  • Cliff walk in China
  • Everest skydive in Nepal
  • Hot air ballooning in Turkey
  • Snowmobiling in Canada
  • Cliff diving in Mexico

Where will you go?

  • Zimbabwe
  • Israel
  • Sydney
  • Bolivia
  • China
  • United States

What type of trip will it be?

  • Luxury
  • Destination Wedding
  • Adventure
  • Relax and recharge
  • Beach
  • Family

I’m dedicated to finding the best value for your travel dollar for exclusive resorts and destinations, hotel properties around the world, luxury cruises, private sightseeing tours and airfare.

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Oh the places you’ll go! –Dr. Seuss