Rancho La Puerta – A Hike In Paradise


The 7-Mile Mountain Breakfast Hike at Rancho La Puerta


My favorite part of Rancho La Puerta?

Hands down  – the morning hikes.  Jumping out of bed at 5:30 has never been so easy, especially when it’s awakening to a sunrise over the mountains, coyotes howling from a distance, and the anticipation of another mountain hike adventure. 


The Mountain Breakfast Hike is usually on day 5 of the Rancho La Puerta week, the culmination of a variety of shorter distance hikes throughout the week.  This 7-mile hike is an out and back, up 2 mountain sides, down a little valley, and ending at a beautiful point overlooking incredible landscapes. 


Our little group of 7 hit the trail at 6:15 am, carrying a breakfast provided by the Rancho: egg, spinach and potato burrito, fruit slices, and granola.  The way out was tougher than I had anticipated with steeps climbs. The vistas were amazing and the clouds down in the valleys looked like lakes.  We kept a good clip, stopping occasionally for a photo opp.  Conversation filled the time and I admire the travelers around me with their life stories and experiences.  Today I was in awe of a senior woman I internally nicknamed “The Beast”.  Not only did she know her sports teams and stats, asking how I felt about Durant leaving OKC, she led the pace with a clip that was difficult to match.  And all with a positive attitude and a spirit that I hope I have even a part of when I am her age.


After 20 minutes of dining on the rocks, we returned back down the mountains, through the valley, and into the ranch.  A quick stop for a stretch with our great trail guides and at 9:30 I’ve done quite a bit.  Being part of the morning nature, a little comradery, some yummy organic food, a great physical workout and a definite sense of accomplishment.  And the day has just started with more fun yet to come!

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