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Experiencing Nepal is a fascinating, brilliant, challenging, and life-changing journey. While it's been traditionally know as a trekker's paradise, it is much more than that. With the right expertise and planning, it's possible to make this the experience of a lifetime.

There are many ways to travel in Nepal. Yes, trekking to Everest Base Camp is possible for the physically fit and requires about 12 days of your time. There are simpler, yet still rewarding treks, including the Annapurna Circuit. I hiked the Annapurna Circuit on a yoga trek, one of my favorite experiences. Imagine waking every morning and practicing yoga while watching the sun rise onto the Himalayas.

The Nepalese are friendly people, eager to share their lives with visitors. Consider a home stay, enjoy a night or 2 in a village tea house, participate in a cooking school. Or, perhaps it's an exotic family vacation you are looking for in 5-star resorts. I've experienced Nepal on all spectrums and am excited to help you do so.

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