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Big agency deals. Small agency feel.

I am a custom travel consultant & I will take the time to get to know you; to build a relationship with you so that together, you can get to the destination of your dreams. Travel consultants do not cost more, they get you more; like the best prices guaranteed, and extra amenities like shipboard credits or insider tours!

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Connections & Contacts Industry Wide
Experience counts when it comes to booking the best travel experience for Mangata Travelers. Using the services of a custom travel consultant means you get the experience and customer service you deserve. You won’t be spending hours on the internet, hanging on phone hold for eternity or wasting any precious time wondering and worrying. I have developed great relationships  around the world in the travel industry over the years, so I know who to speak to in order to make special requests and find the best deals. This could mean things like connecting rooms, welcome gifts or advanced restaurant reservations. These relationships have proved priceless!

Learn more about how Mångata Travel helps our clients & can customize your next travel adventure: FAQ’s.